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Vehicle Security Tips

Persec or Personal Security is the concept of guarding sensitive personal information. The more information about yourself you put out there the more vulnerable you make yourself to people who might take advantage of that info. One of the ways people tend to exhibit especially poor persec is with their personal vehicles.

Now I know you're a good law abiding citizen but imagine for a moment you are a criminal in need of a firearm. It's late at night and you are on the prowl through the neighborhoods. You will try and find unlocked cars if you can, but breaking a window isn't out of the question. Breaking glass makes noise so you might only have one shot before you have to get out of the area. Which vehicle are you going to risk it on?


Or these?

If this seems obvious to you guess what? It's obvious to criminals too. I understand wanting to show off what you believe in but you may be making yourself an unnecessary target. You would be surprised what you can learn just from looking at, and inside a vehicle.

If I see all of these on a vehicle what does it tell me? Well the owner of the vehicle is likely female, she has two younger children and a husband. She works at SP ID INC and is likely out of the house during normal business hours. I can look up her business and see how far away it is to estimate commute times and how long she might be out of the house. Her two young kids go to Edison High School and the fact that she has a cat sticker but no dog sticker tells me there is probably no angry guard dog at the house. Lets say there is some junk mail on the passenger seat. Now I have a first and last name and an address. I can find this person on social media and see when they post about their next long vacation.

Now lets say I follow this car back to the house and the other car in the driveway has this:

Great. Now I know a few things. One, I am likely to find firearms in the house, at least shotguns for turkey hunting but likely other guns as well in addition to valuable hunting gear. Two, if it happens to be hunting season there is a good chance this truck and its owner are going to be gone in the early morning hours of the day off turkey hunting.

I wait for opening day of turkey season and watch the husband leave at 5am and the wife take the kids to school at 7am. I know from the information I've gathered that no one will be home for at least a few hours. I use a wire hook to open the garage door release and pry the safe door open with a crow bar and I'm out of there with a few new guns, some tools from the garage and maybe some jewelry from inside the house.

This family could have avoided all of this with just a few small changes. Don't make yourself a target. Do an audit of your vehicle and your habits and see what an outside observer could learn about you, you might be surprised.

If you would like a professional's opinion along with a full security audit of your vehicle, home and habits you can contact me for a security audit.

Stay safe out there!

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