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Omega Solutions Group

Never Stop Learning

Rowan Taylor - Lead Instructor

My goal is to provide practical, modern training that is both accessible and affordable. So much of the training out there is either too basic, like a CCW class that teaches you very little about actually using a concealed firearm, or too advanced, like pistol courses teaching average citizens how to defend against ambushes by teams of would be-assassins. In the real world, we as students should be seeking training that matches a realistic view of what we need. Whether you are a complete beginner who has never shot before, a hunter preparing for deer season, or someone who wants to start carrying concealed for protection, everyone has different training needs and goals. 

I provide a low pressure, no-stress training environment. If you want a bearded Navy Seal to scream at you while you roll around under a car, I totally get it. I like that kind of training too, but oftentimes I see students whose fundamentals and physical capabilities are not a match for the material being taught. I work hard to tailor my material to match each student's skills levels and abilities to provide a realistic and actionable benefit. 

I am an NRA certified instructor and spent 5 years as a Deputy Sheriff working patrol and serving on the Tactical Team. Since leaving law enforcement I now run my own training business bringing modern, applicable, training to the public.  After being disappointed by the quality and availability of law enforcement firearm training I sought out my own training and pull from the most updated techniques coming out of competitive shooting sports, special operations and real world scenarios to specifically tailor my training to my student's needs and abilities.  

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