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5 Home Security products under $50

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

For many people the idea of "Home Security" is synonymous with having an alarm system. While having an alarm system, either a professionally monitored or self monitored system is great, they can be expensive and there are many other steps you can take to make your home more secure and less of a target. Here are some simple affordable additions that can make a big difference in your home security.

Door latches like the Everplus are a great way to add some extra physical security to your doors. You can get them in different finishes to match your décor and they make it much harder to force open a door. I used these on my front door and exterior garage doors and would close them at night. They can also be used on an interior door like a bedroom at night to give an additional layer of security. You can install them in a few minutes, just be sure to use longer tougher screws than you would for normal door hardware. 3in screws are ideal for added strength.

Solar motion sensing lights are great for the exterior of your home. I like using these for side yards, sheds and anywhere you wouldn't want somebody hiding in the dark. Just giving the impression that your home is more visible makes it a less appealing target.

Strong 3in screws like these Power Pro screws are great for reinforcing door strike plates and locking hardware like the door latch above. It doesn't matter how strong your locks or doors are if they can just be kicked in. One of the easiest low cost home security steps is simply to replace your existing door screws with something like these. These particular screws have a star drive head that resists stripping and comes with a drill bit to install them.

Cameras like this one from Wyze are great for keeping an eye on the inside or the outside of your home. You can use them in the garage to watch over your tools and vehicles, in a baby's room as a baby monitor, or watching over entrances to your home. One of the issues with only having cameras on the outside of your home is that if somebody does break in, usually all it takes is a baseball cap to cover their face. Having a camera inside the home or garage can make it much more likely to capture video of the intruder's face for later identification.

Doorbell cameras are great options if you don't want a full on camera system but want some extra peace of mind. I think doorbell cameras are valuable not just to protect you but also your neighbors. Working as a cop I solved several thefts by using neighbor's cameras to get license plates and vehicle descriptions. Your security might not just benefit you but also those around you. Doorbell cameras can be pricey depending on the model and features you want but this one from Blink is under $50!

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