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Custom firearm training designed around you!

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Why Custom Training?

Custom personalized training means you learn exactly what you want at a pace that works for you. With my custom training each session is designed for your exact needs and skill level at that specific moment. Your training should change to fit you, not the other way around.   


As an experienced shooter, I can confidently say that Rowan at Omega Solutions' shooting instruction is unparalleled. His expertise in self-defense and competition training is evident through his meticulous approach and attention to detail. Rowan possess a wealth of knowledge and skill, providing valuable insights that has elevated my shooting abilities in my first training lesson. He tailored curriculum to cater to my needs, allowing me to refine my techniques. If you're an experienced shooter seeking to enhance your skills in both self-defense and competition, Omega Solutions is the go-to choice that guarantees exceptional results at a VERY affordable price.


As a new shooter, I knew I wanted to do training but I was anxious about the undertaking. Rowan/Omega made me super comfortable from the get-go. Rowan is highly educated on fiearms, firearm safety, shooting techniques, tactical strategy (and much more). He shares his knowledge both in training sessions and via his extremely insightful, interesting newsletters. Always feel like I get more than I paid for when I do training with Rowan. Each session, I get more comfortable, I learn a lot and I have a great time. I love sharing Rowan's organization and his classes with others!


Rowan Taylor is a high-level firearm trainer who provides customized training for all levels. He offers personalized training for beginners up to the advanced shooter. When I first saw Rowan at a shooting competition, his speed and accuracy were so impressive I thought, “I want to shoot like that guy!” I started working with him for conceal carry and competitive shooting. Rowan’s range instruction, detailed training summaries, and homework assignments have quickly propelled my gun handling to another level. In less than two months, I went from being a novice at conceal carry to being comfortable and confident. Everything is much faster, my draw, reloading, and moving between targets. If you want to progress with your gun, I highly recommend you take a trial session with Rowan. You will have a great time and learn a ton!


I’m not an avid shooter by any means, but I really want to feel confident and safe with a personal handgun. I’m grateful I have an instructor who can help me gain the knowledge and experience to do so without pressure, and who understands my goals and knows how to help me reach them. I felt really encouraged by our first session to continue my training!


Rowan was PERFECT in how I needed an instructor to train me! He’s patient, kind, intuitive to your needs and how you learn, gives amazing instruction, and fun! I felt so much more knowledgeable when I left, I felt safe the entire time, & I was super happy that I had crossed paths with Rowan & had a chance to be his student.​


I'm seriously so pumped and excited to go shooting again and have all the safety second nature to me. I can't thank you enough. You made me feel so comfortable and confident"


I've had several training sessions with Rowan and its been a game changer for my shooting. He is extremely knowledgeable with all firearm types (pistol, rifle etc) and my shooting abilities have improved dramatically since training with him. What's great is he is able to tailor your sessions to your personal goals. Whether you are just starting out or you are experienced, you'll be in good hands. I just wish I had taken lessons from a professional like Rowan a lot sooner. Its definitely money well spent!


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